Star Field Glamping and Camping opened in 2017 under the name of 'Charity Farm Camping', we made the decision to change our name in 2018 as we had made so many improvements including incorporating glamping into our services and we wanted to draw attention to our beautiful clear skies.


We have gone on to make further improvements, our naked bell tents now have a double bed with a mattress, nobody enjoys the sensation of a deflating air bed in the night, so we have also made available two single futon beds!

We are still an off grid site with no electricity on the camping field, however, new for 2021 will be a facility for charging phones and re-freezing blocks, just off the field. We have composting loos and a recycling area for your rubbish.


Have a look at 'our pitches' page to find out more.




If you already know Charity Farm, then it's likely you already know David. Co-owner of Charity Farm, he has spent the last 35 years building up the Countrystore. As a keen camper David has thrown himself into the new adventure of running a campsite and talked of nothing else but developing our glamping. 



Debby joined her husband at Charity Farm over 10 years ago and worked as an encouraging force for change. Also a keen camper, Debby adds the style to our site, but she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and will be a familiar face around the site.



After finishing university, Florence set up Charity Farm Camping and ran our very first year in 2018 (with lots of help from her family). After building the frameworks and making preparations for 2019, Florence moved on to other exciting ventures.


Covering the behind scenes is Holly, who keeps us all in check and makes sure the business side is running smoothly. However, with a degree in Costume Design, Holly's creative side can be seen in artwork around the Farm.



Starting Off

Charity Farm began as a chicken farm. This original image documents the early begins of Charity Farm.

Chicken Catcher

Pictured from a young age, David Clarke, co owner of Charity Farm was taught the tricks of the trade. 

Hay and Straw

This picture shows hay being collected from the now campsite at Charity Farm.

Old School

Charity Farm still grows and sells it's own hay and straw bales today, but modern equipment makes it a little easier!

The Countrystore

In 1983 the country store was opened, and Charity Farm was selling pet and livestock feed.


Eventually in May 2004 the new build was opened and the size of the country store dramatically increased. Clothes, gits and garden were added to the stores wide variety of products.