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About Us

In 2018 we opened the gates to our campsite, inviting travelers and holiday makers to stay on the field tucked away behind our countrystore. Previously, the field was used to grow hay and straw, and for the occasional camping party or BBQ spot for the Clarke family. We have been delighted to hear that the enjoyment we've taken from our natural site has been shared with so many of our guests.

Each year we try to improve our site in some way, although we are conscious of keeping our site spacious and private as we believe these to be important assets. We currently have a range of units including Safari Tents, Bell Tents (Dressed & Naked) as well as our spacious grass pitches.

Teaming up with The Greener Camping Club, we are focused on eco-friendly camping, that looks like composting loos, no electrical hook-ups, minimal light pollution, recycling facilities and unmanicured surroundings to help the wildlife thrive. We have however, listened to our campers and introduced The Power House – a container just off the camping field to charge your devices and refreeze your ice packs, so you’re not completely without!



If you already know Charity Farm, then it's likely you already know David. Co-owner of Charity Farm, he has spent the last 35 years developing the Countrystore, which now incorporates a cafe and the glamping & camping. As a keen camper and DIY hero, David loves nothing more than a day spent improving the site in some way.

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Debby is usually the first to answer your queries and organises the lions share of the admin. Debby will be found on the campsite most days, turning over tents, cleaning the site and keeping a watchful eye over the standard of quality. 



Florence works behind the scenes creating and posting content on our social media and handling the marketing for the campsite, cafe and countrystore. In true small business style, you will also find her turning over tents and cleaning the campsite as camping season is all hands on deck!


You will find Holly hanging out in our cafe, The Trough, often working at one of the tables. As well as managing the day-to-day of the cafe, she keeps the cabinet topped up with delicious sweet treats.

Whole-site-hiring campers may be interested in discussing catering options with Holly.

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